Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back to work :(

Sadly, the time has come to end my fun
I'm in snow up to my ass, but I'm headed back to class
I suppose it's for the better,
While I tire of this weather,
I'd rather go back soon
Than still be there at the end of June!!!!!!!


Mike G (moobier) said...

Better than looking for work. :) Good luck... I know I dont want to go back tomorrow either... at least we dont have any snow to contend with.


Anthony and Karen said...

One of the most interesting experiences I had at the chapel when I was working at the hospital was the prayer circle. I found it very humbling that many of the people would thank God that they had a job at all. Many had very difficult situations, getting up at 4:30 to come in to work..but so many of their friends were out of work that they were grateful just to have work. Sometimes when I got frustrated, I would pray with them and it helped me to realize just how lucky I was.

Em & Tim said...

All I can say is thank god Santa brought me snow tires and the plow man showed up early this morning. I don't know what time he was out plowing but I'm sure I was comfy in bed when he was hard at work! We have snow piled on snow piled on snow here... Last night I was trying to shovel part of a snowbank so I could get in the garage! Gotta love maine - but somehow this is more natural then this time last year when it was 70 degrees in Maine!
Maybe this weekend we'll find ourselves snowshoeing so the weather is somewhat enjoyable!