Thursday, January 3, 2008

Too Serious!

You guys are too serious! I am truly greatful to God for my job. And, strangely, I enjoy working with 7th graders. I think we share a form of dementia:) So please don't think my poem was groaning about my job - actually, the "groan" was about the snow, which, by the way, I am trying to find some type of gratitude for (I'm not home for the weather, believe me!) either way, who doesn't like vacation!?! Have a blessed day!


Mike G (moobier) said...

I cant believe she said I was serious... how dare she. :) As for finding gratitude... just think of all the charactor you're building while you shovel 2 feet of snow. I'd say you're lucky. We only had 3 inches of snow so far, and while I dont miss it all that much, it makes me feel happy that someone has some. :) :) :)


Em & Tim said...

Keep up the poems - try a snow haiku next time, perhaps that's the answer to finding enjoyment of the snow!!!! :) Or who knows, perhaps hot toddy's are a good way to enjoy it too..

Anthony and Karen said...

What I want to know is where is all this snow coming seemed to be following us from Hamp all the way to Maine! Wow, that's a lot of snow...more than I've seen in a long time!

Stay warm frozen grigita! Love, Uncle Wiggley