Thursday, February 21, 2008

Super Heroes Everywhere

Thankfully, criminal activity in Clinton, CT came to a crashing end with the arrival of Batman, Batman and Robin (no, it's not a typo, there were two authentic Batmen).
But lo! What was this? Crime in New Jersey? Who would have guessed? The sleepy little town of Kinnelon was rocked awake by the sad cries of Shaney Boy Norvis. He'd been attacked by LeCroupe. Luckily, he's got connections - Super Girl (who's true identity must be kept a secret for the sake of the Norvis family) and her close cuz Bat Boy were on the job. Within minutes, the super heores (and a few puffs from Bat Boy's inhaler) kicked LeCroupe to the proverbial curb. Yet another victory for the Super Heroes.....until next time.

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